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Bad day for BK: Would you like expletives with that? Add to ...

Morning radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Fast food, bad mood: Suddenly, those supercilious smiley exclamation mark scribbles don't seem so bad.

A Sacramento, Calif. Burger King manager and employee were fired after "f-you" was written on customer Francisco Perez's receipt for onion rings, burger and drink recently.

Although the chain is offering big apologies and free food vouchers, he says he never plans to eat there again.

Does this take the cake for terrible service?

What's your worst food-service story? Share your stories in the comment field below

Take that, bullies: In the vein of the recent viral phenomenon It Gets Better, the blogosphere is jumping to the defence of a little girl bullied for, get this, carrying a Star Wars water bottle.

Her mom, Carrie Goldman, wrote a post about the incident on the Chicago Now site, and called out for some kind words for her daughter, Katie.

Over at Epbot, blogger Jen has jumped in, writing:

"You rock that water bottle with pride, and know that there are thousands of other fans out there (myself included) who would be proud to share a lunch table with you. Oh, and may the Force be with you."

More than 2,000 commenters have joined in on that blog alone, proving that it's not just the bullies and trolls who can't bend the internet to their will.

Marriage takes a hit: So, marriage is among the hottest media topics this week. First, Will and Kate giving the institution a boost by announcing their engagement.

Then the non-profit "fact tank" the Pew Research Center released its latest poll on marriage and family, describing marriage as being on decline, but the family as pretty robust. It turns out that the poll was done in conjunction with Time magazine for a monster cover story they'd been planning on the subject, out today.

But as the New York Times' Lisa Belkin points out in this post, the royal announcement could have scuppered their plans.

"I can only imagine the rewriting scramble that took place, given the long-planned topic of that cover," she writes.

Sure enough, the royals were written into the top of the story. Then, to get back to the doom and gloom of the marriage stats, Belinda Luscombe writes: "In fact, statistically speaking, a young man of William's age - if not his royal English heritage - might be just as likely not to get married, yet."

Phew, cover story saved.

Read it and tell us what you think. Is marriage kaput?

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