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Binkygate: Is Suri Cruise too old for a pacifier?


Is she teething again? Regressing to take back a youth misspent in heels and lipstick? Or is she just stressed out?

Just a month ahead of her fifth birthday, Suri Cruise was spotted traipsing around Vancouver with a pacifier in her mouth.

Photos of walking, Binky-sucking Suri sent tabloids gasping, and consulting pediatricians. The Canadian Paediatric Society says prolonged pacifier use can cause dental issues and ear aches, but there appears to be little consensus on what exact age the Binky should be confiscated. Some studies suggest that dental damage such as overbites can start appearing after a year of pacifier use.

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"Her braces are gonna cost a fortune in a few years," Hollybaby commenter Betty Botox weighed in, failing to note that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can probably afford it, and diamond grills for the entire family, if they so choose. "My sister was 7 before my mother finally took her Binky away. She had a beautiful face with protruding teeth."

This is after Suri (and her perpetually pilloried mom) were slammed last April when shutterbugs caught the girl drinking from a bottle. (Never mind the tyke's penchant for Starbucks and Dolce&Gabbana.)

Others say leave the kid alone.

"Suri may very well have anxiety due to flashing lights in her face from birth," posits NJMom, another Hollybaby commenter. "Maybe she needs something to calm down and soothe herself. We can't judge until we walk a mile in their designer shoes."

Have you ever let your kid use a pacifier or bottle in times of stress? Or do you think it's sloppy coddling?

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