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Black to a wedding? Yes, if you ask Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton attended a friend's wedding over the weekend where she had the audacity to wear black. I know! But the scandal doesn't end there because Middleton, who is engaged to Prince William, also wore a dress with a sheer top, a thin sliver of which could be seen behind her Libélula jacket.

In the eyes of the British press, the princess-to-be might as well have been flitting about topless.

"Did Kate Boob?" asked the British tabloid News of the World. (Really, News of the World, was that the best pun you could come up with? Really?).

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The Daily Mail took the more direct, but equally shocked approach, by raising the prospect of what she'll wear on her own wedding day and, for good measure, suggesting she's too thin, with this headline: "Hope you won't wear black on April 29, Kate... and a few hearty meals might fill out your wedding dress."

Was this outfit, pics of which can be seen here,really so scandal-worthy?

Not everyone seemed so shocked.

Katie Nicholl, a royal watcher and columnist for The Daily Mail, weighed in on Middleton's outfit to "Kate doesn't have a stylist, so she is making her own fashion decisions at the moment. The outfit could be considered racy, but it was also beautiful and elegant...The only thing that surprised me was the colour-black is not usually worn to weddings, especially by the Royal Family."

A few other news outlets praised Middleton's outfit. "Black is perhaps not the most traditional shade to wear to a wedding but these days it's increasingly more accepted and, quite frankly, Kate looks divine," InStyle UK said .

The attention paid to Middleton's outfit is one more sign of the intense media scrutiny her every choice will get from now on, especially when it comes to fashion. In a post-Diana world, we expect our princesses to be fashion plates, although their choices are always supposed to be conservative and traditional. Hence the big tizzy about wearing black to a wedding and a sheer neckline.

But Middleton's choice of attire actually has a bit of Diana to it, in fact: Princess Di caused a minor stir when she wore a floor-length black dress to one of her first official appearances in 1981.

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What do you think: Is Middleton's outfit cause for controversy, or a sign she is being held up to an impossible standard?

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