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Do you think your kid's name is original? It's not. Your neighbour has it too.

In Toronto's older downtown areas, they kick it old school with Benjamins, Williams and Alexanders.

In the burbs, they like their Ethans - that's Toronto's burbs, Ottawa's burbs and Hamilton's burbs. Ethan Hawke fans, perhaps?

Even as the Web now provides a slew of free baby name sites and celebs guide the more adventurous parents, geography still affects what you will name your kid, profoundly.

Those are the findings of OpenFile, a community news website that mapped baby name data for the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton-Niagara and Ottawa.

OpenFile had Ontario's Registrar General compile data for 823,000 children born between 2005 and 2009. The data shows the top five baby names for boys and girls and sorts the information by the first three characters of a postal code.

In Markham, it's Chloe; Woodbridge prefers Isabella. In three neighbourhoods in Brampton, they like the traditionally-Indian Gurleen.

"Other names appear in distinct pockets," writes Patrick Cain at OpenFile.

The top name for both girls and boys in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood is Tenzin.


The name is Tibetan, and Parkdale boasts a massive Tibetan community -- Tenzin Gyatso is also the religious name of the Dalai Lama.

So what will it be? An Ethan or a Tenzin?