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Drake’s birthday cake boast a teetering CN Tower and a pudgy Raptors mascot among other things.

In a move that is being fervently dissected online, hip hop star Drake commissioned an intricate birthday cake to celebrate turning 27 today.

The cake is not only capturing the imagination of the singer's fans, but might just also be giving A-type moms everywhere a new benchmark in competitive cake-making.

Despite widespread comments about the cake being a bit of a mess or a wreck, it is a charming ode to his hometown (where he is performing a concert on his birthday) rendered in fondant.

It boasts a teetering CN Tower, a pudgy Raptors mascot – he was just made global ambassador for the basketball team dontcha know? – a favourite hookah bar, and a miniature Started From the Bottom billboard heralding a new single.

There's a Shoppers Drug Mart, which has made a cameo in a video, and a Starbucks, which is a reference to the "Starbucks Drake Hands" online meme, according to music critic Ben Rayner, who helpfully annotated the cake.

But as soon as images of the star and his cake started showing up on social media, cries went out about what was missing (at least in our office). Where is his beloved mom? What about a wheelchair to commemorate his Degrassi: The Next Generation character?

In other corners, the cute cop who once pulled him over was a suggestion.

And, like the the deep sea scrolls they are, debates may emerge about the symbols Drake did choose. Some observers are wondering if the streets of Toronto are, indeed, paved with Smarties. Rayner, for one, suggests those colourful candies are instead M&Ms, and may reference Eminem, a collaborator.

My theory? They're Smarties – a treat not available in the United States. Perhaps Drake will weigh in during his concert tonight – after, presumably, a rousing version of Happy Birthday.

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