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Jean-Paul Beaubier, aka Northstar, a Canadian with piercing blue eyes and silver-streaked black hair who can move and fly at superhuman speeds, proposes to his longtime boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in the issue "Astonishing X-Men #50."Reuters

Superheroes always get the girl. Now, at least one will get the guy, a move many fans say is a long time coming.

The first openly gay Marvel comic book character will marry his boyfriend in an upcoming issue of Astonishing X-Men. The character, Northstar, a Canadian superhero who first came out as gay in 1992, is set to propose in an issue of the comic that goes on sale today.

Earlier this year, Kevin Keller, the first gay character in the Archie Comics series, celebrated his same-sex marriage in an issue that sold out.

The New York Times reports the same-sex marriage plot has been speculated by Marvel fans for some time. Marvel Entertainment editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said the storyline was considered after New York state legalized same-sex marriage last year.

That's not all. Various reports say that Marvel's chief competitor, DC Comics, is planning to reintroduce a previously straight character as gay.

Other gay characters in the DC universe include Batwoman, Apollo, Midnighter and Bunker.

Comic book site posted a column reacting to the news of Northstar's marriage that praised Marvel's willingness to take on issues such as homophobia, same-sex courtship and now marriage.

"Gay people get married every day, and it's a wonderful thing to be able to see characters we know and love experiencing these same joys," says the column.

Are you pleased Marvel Comics is embracing gay marriage?

Editor's note: DC Comics is planning on announcing a gay character. Also, Batwoman, Apollo, Midnighter and Bunker are part of the DC universe. An earlier version of this story contained incorrect information.