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Hell hath no fury like a Packers fan scorned at Christmas Add to ...

It was a Christmas gift any victim of infidelity could appreciate.

During a Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears game that saw her team triumphant on home turf yesterday, a young woman was shown smiling from ear to ear, waving a notable sign: “MY CHEATING EX BOYFRIEND IS WATCHING FROM COUCH INSTEAD.”

The woman, identified by Deadspin as Annie Wagner, is getting her 15 minutes as the clip of her vengeful sign-waving aired on heavy rotation during post-Christmas newscasts across the States.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially a woman who owns poster board and a Sharpie and has tickets to an NFL game. That’s what some poor Packers fan is learning today,” Jon Bershad wrote at Mediaite.com. “The dope apparently cheated on his girlfriend who then dumped him and told the world about it at yesterday’s game against the Bears.”

Mr. Bershad had this advice for would-be cheaters who happen to like football: “Don’t cheat. And, if you do, don’t get caught until after the big game.”

Ms. Wagner’s stunt appeared to be amusing naughty guys everywhere. One clip from local WJMN in Michigan had the male host beaming: “Not a Merry Christmas for that guy. He had tickets to a game and suddenly he’s not going to. Infidelity doesn’t pay,” he said, tapping his finger on the desk like a schoolmarm.

On Reddit.com, commenters explained to non-football fans exactly why Ms. Wagner’s move packed so much punch, aside from the Christmas timing.

“It’s a division rivalry game on Christmas, so you know it’s a sweet game to go to. Probably a present,” wrote one.

“Packers tickets are more valuable than gold in Wisconsin so it makes it that much worse. Being a Packers vs. Bears game only rubs salt in the wounds,” explained another.

“An ocean of salt on that boyfriend,” chimed in a third.

While breakups drop significantly on Christmas Day, they tend to spike two weeks beforehand, according to a Facebook survey that tracked the words “break up” and “broken up” across 10,000 status updates.

In that sense, Ms. Wagner’s taunt was especially dramatic. Here’s hoping the cheater was watching it live.

Have you ever dumped someone at Christmas?

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