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Believe it or not, the hairstyles of Hillary Clinton have been much watched and discussed over the years in Washington. We take a look back at her various dos

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In her 1965 senior class portrait, Hillary Rodham sports a soft, gently curled hairdo.


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On her wedding day in 1975, Hillary Clinton went for all-out curls.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library

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At the 1993 inaugural ball, the new first lady went with a complicated braided style.

Library of Congress

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In 1996, during the Whitewater affair, Ms. Clinton's hair spoke volumes - or, at least, was quite voluminous.

Win McNamee/Win McNamee/Reuters

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At husband Bill Clinton's second inauguration day in 1997, the first lady appeared with a serious case of helmet hair.

Blake Sell/Blake Sell/Reuters

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As New York senator, Hillary Clinton kept her look serious with a short, simple cut.

CHRIS KLEPONIS/Chris Kleponis/Reuters

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She stuck with the style during her run at the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

Rick Wilking/Rick Wilking/Reuters

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After she was made U.S. Secretary of State, she started to grow her hair out. By 2009, it was almost chin-length.

Anja Niedringhaus/Anja Niedringhaus/AP

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The extra length meant she could pull of a more elegant style at daughter Chelsea's wedding in 2010.

Barbara Kinney/Barbara Kinney/AP

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In 2011, she went for a sleek, shoulder-skimming bob.

JIM YOUNG/Jim Young/Reuters

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Nowadays, she often goes for a style of convenience: She pulls her shoulder-length locks back into a bun with a simple scrunchie, as she did in February while meeting Tunisian President Moncef Marzouk.

JASON REED/Jason Reed/Reuters

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For a meeting with Antonio Patriota, Brazil's minister of foreign relations, on April 9, she went for a fancier tie-back and a smooth ponytail.

Jonathan Ernst/Jonathan Ernst/Bloomberg

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But a blowout reveals a well-cut, layered style - possibly her best look yet.


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