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Add Alyssa Milano's name to the list of celebrities whose boudoir exploits have been exposed in a torrid sex tape. But not really.

The former Who's the Boss star has released her own version of a sex tape to the website Funny or Die. In reality, the footage is Milano's way of drawing attention to the developing situation in Syria.

Released on Wednesday, the tape shows the 40-year-old actress stripping down to her undies in order to film her own version of a scandalous sex tape with an unnamed male.

The couple ready the camera and crawl into a bed sprinkled with rose petals, but right before they get busy, the camera abruptly shifts around to focus on a special news report on the crisis in Syria.

In recent weeks, Milano, currently starring in the ABC series Mistresses, has been trying to draw public attention to Syria via her Twitter account (@Alyssa_Milano).

Last week, Milano tweeted: "I want my son to live in a world without war." Milano has also employed Twitter to share information on how people can donate funds to help the children of Syria through UNICEF.

And while there's no actual carnal activity on display in the video, Milano is now cheekily trying to get her 2.5-million followers to become informed on Syria by viewing her "sex tape."

On Wednesday, Milano tweeted: "Oh no! I'm not sure how it got out," followed by, "My sex tape was leaked. Not sure what to say. Going to post the link myself to try to control the situation."

So far, Milano is in complete control.

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