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Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the Breakwater country park, to start the Ring O Fire ultra marathon, in Anglesey, north Wales August 30, 2013.POOL

When photos of Kate Middleton from last month revealed a small crown of grey hairs sprouting from her head, people were quick to voice their shock and schadenfreude.

"But she's only 31!" was a common refrain.

"The Duchess gets grey hairs just like us!" went another.

Well, just as quick as they appeared, they have now vanished – for a princely sum. According to the Daily Mail, Middleton paid a visit to one of London's most expensive salons where she spent half the day in the third floor "VIP club suite."

The article notes that a cut at the Rossano Ferretti salon can cost £600, or about $1,043 (the salon does not list pricing on its website).

By the time she emerged in the early evening, her locks were restored to the level of lustre and shine that we have come to expect from the Duchess. "Her hair looked fabulous, really big and glossy, and it was flowing around her shoulders," gushed the unnamed witness.

No doubt there are those who wish she left her hair au naturel.

For someone as high profile as Middleton, the decision to colour her roots represents more than just maintenance. It's the type of superficial quandary that has no right answer: Bow to the pressure of upholding a beauty ideal, or resist and bear unsubstantiated, petty judgment. Basically, appear perfect or appear normal.

And bear in mind, the arrival of grey hair – known as achromotrichia – is often a question of genetics, much the same way that Prince William started showing signs of a receding hairline a number of years ago, while still in his 20s (somehow, its advancement now seems under control).

So even though it is tempting to delight in the fact that both members of the royal couple possess follicular flaws, let's just acknowledge and accept that they are not cool with their premature aging.

Let's also not begrudge the Duchess for seeking out a pricey salon. If you were among the most photographed people in the world, you'd want your hair colour done right.

Indeed, the fallout from the Duchess's dye-job will be felt most by Ferretti. Who wants to bet he's already all booked up until spring?