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An screen shot from Jackman's first Wolverine film, X-Men Origins: WolverinePhoto by: James Fisher

Hugh Jackman is consuming 6, 000 calories a day to prepare for his title role in director Darren Aronofsky's The Wolverine.

"It's rough," Jackman said of the diet in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. Why the need to pack on the pounds?

As Jackman explained, "Darren said with the last one, 'Hey you looked great, but you're so tall that in those long shots you looked kind of like Clint Eastwood, and that's not Wolverine.' He said that Wolverine, in the comics, is powerful, stocky, you know, he's short and thick. So he said, 'I want you to go there, get bigger.'"

The Aussie actor went on to say that he's going for a look that projects the power of "Mike Tyson" or a "bulldog."

"That's why I'm going for, and if I have a massive heart attack first, well, you tell everyone what I was going for," he said.

Curious to know what 6, 000 calories a day looks like? A blogger at has done the math, and it's not pretty.

Sure, eating 40 Twinkies a day doesn't seem that hard (at least for one day) but you'd need a stomach made of adamantium to choke back 109 pancakes or 22 Swanson's Meatloaf Frozen Dinners.

Here's the complete list of 6, 000 calorie meals:

20 McDonald's Cheeseburgers

21 McDonald's Cobb Salads

40 Twinkies

23 California Rolls (6 pieces each)

76 Hardboiled Eggs

300 Brussel Sprouts

30 Servings of Filet Mignon

29 Bowls of Cocoa Puffs

39 PBRs

22 Swanson's Meatloaf Frozen Dinners

7 Cups of Peanuts

109 Pancakes

4 Hardee's Monster Thickburgers

4 Large Popcorns at a Movie Theater

2.5 Orders of Uno's Pizza Skins

2.2 Orders of Outback Steakhouse's Aussie Fries