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Four-year-old Abigael. (YouTube)
Four-year-old Abigael. (YouTube)

'I’m tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney': Four-year-old Abigael is a YouTube hit Add to ...

Are you tired of the U.S. presidential election campaign?

If so, you can probably empathize with four-year-old Abigael, the star of a new YouTube video that has attracted more than 1.2 million viewers over the past two days.

The video shows the adorable ginger-haired girl looking miserable with fat tears in her eyes.

Asked why she’s crying, she replies as she chokes back sobs: “Just because I’m tired … I’m tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.”

Evidently, Abigael overheard the adults around her talking about “Bronco Bamma” (or Barack Obama) and Mitt Romney one too many times. When told that it was okay – the election would be over soon, she scrunches her little face in a pained expression and nods sadly.

We're guessing Abigael is far from the only one eager for election day, Nov. 6, to be over. Unfortunately, the conclusion of the ballot count probably won’t mean the end of political bickering between Democrats and Republicans.

Check out the photo of these lawn signs, for instance, which was recently posted on the web site Reddit. The photo shows a “Romney/Ryan” campaign sign next to a second poster with an arrow pointing to it, reading “Husband’s sign NOT wife & sons.”

While some commenters have chuckled at how funny and, well, kind of sweet the signs are (the neighbour responsible for posting the photo notes that the husband was the one who nailed down both signs, as the wife is disabled), others have speculated how difficult it must be to live in a household with clashing political allegiances.

As one Reddit commenter wrote: “My entire extended family is Republican while myself, my parents, and my sisters lean Democrat. I honestly just refuse to talk politics with my family. There is no debate, it just ends up being bashing one-liners or belittling my views so it’s much easier to avoid those arguments all together.”

It’s enough to make you cry like a four-year-old.

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