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iPhone glitch leaves Europeans late for work

Canadians, consider yourself warned.

Countless iPhone users in Europe showed up late to work Monday morning after a glitch with the device's alarm clock.

Update: iPhones in Europe did properly make the switch to Daylight Savings today. But due to a bug in the phone, the switch caused alarms to go off an hour later.

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So if you had an alarm set for 8 a.m., your phone switched properly to daylight savings and then went off at 9 a.m.

Although it may seem the iPhone users would be grateful for an excuse to sleep in for an extra hour at the beginning of the week, numerous users complained about having to rush to work this morning as a result of the problem.

Fair enough.

But if they had really been paying attention, they would have known their precious iPhone alarm clock would fail to perform this morning, after the same problem hit Australia and New Zealand in early October, after they adjusted to Daylight Saving Time.

Apple responded to the problem down under by releasing a software patch, although no such fix has been announced for our friends in Britain yet.

Of course, they could always plug in a regular old alarm clock to make sure they get up on time tomorrow, but that just seems too easy.

It remains to be seen whether the same problems will affect Canada and cause millions here to suffer the hardship of getting extra sleep on a Monday morning.

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But media attention means it might be harder for Canadians to feign ignorance of the iPhone alarm clock glitch. Sorry about that.

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