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When it comes to job hunting, PDF resumes are passé. Who has the attention span to read them, anyway?

As the recently unemployed journalist Dawn Siff might say, this is the Twitter era, people.

Siff boosted her online profile in February by producing what may have been the first "Vine resume." (Vine being the six-second video platform for iPhones and iPods that Twitter launched in January.)

That pithy resume has just landed her a job as a project manager at the Economist Group, Mashable reports. Kudos to Siff, who was reportedly out of work for six months. But who knew a job hunter could be so annoying in six seconds or less?

Maybe it's the aggressive frowning or her ad-style delivery. The script is lean and mean: "Journalist. Strategist. Manager. Deadline Jedi. Idea machine Dawn Siff." But her props are better suited to a freshman in Marketing 101. She holds up a Rubik's cube to represent "strategist," a watch for "manager" and a light saber for "deadline Jedi." (Original, no?)

Siff, who boasts 15 years of experience at companies such as Dow Jones and Fox News Radio, clearly knows how to reach her target market. Still, there's something discomfiting about watching a veteran newsperson reduce her considerable experience into Twitter bites.

Has the job market – and, ahem, media – come to this?