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(Stock photo/Thinkstock)
(Stock photo/Thinkstock)

Is this janitor too nice for his own good? Add to ...

If you’re losing faith in people lately, look no further for humanity’s restoration than Patrick Morgan .

We know that doing nice things can be good for you and create happier kids. And when celebrities partake in acts of kindness , the Internet explodes .

But this ordinary man’s rare generosity is mind blowing – almost comically so, and almost too outrageous to be true.

Morgan, who is an airport janitor in Florida, found an abandoned iPad last month on a stool in the airport bar. (At this point, yes, I’d turn the gadget into lost and found, knowing some people love their tech toys more than family members.)

But stuffed inside the iPad case? $13,000 in cash.

Aside from the obvious question of what that much money was doing inside an abandoned iPad, I’ve got to question how many people out there wouldn’t take a little – if not the entire wad of bills – and go home.

“The bottom line: I wasn’t looking for anything,” Morgan told the Miami Herald. Moments later, the owner of the lost goods came back, frantically searching for the iPad. When Morgan returned the iPad and all of the cash to its panicked owner, he was rewarded measly $60 for his good will.

Now here’s where my mind explodes trying to comprehend this man’s kindness: Morgan gave most of this $60 reward money to a homeless woman who sleeps in the airport, and the rest to a fellow airport employee.

“Homeless people come all the time, and I always look out for them,” Morgan told the Herald. Thursday, he was rewarded for his actions – receiving $625, equal to a week’s pay – from his employer for his good deeds.

Thank you, Patrick Morgan. You’re a welcome reminder that there are good – unbelievably good – people out there.

Be honest: Does it irk you that $60 was the initial reward for this kind of generosity? And what would you do if you discovered $13,000 without an owner?

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