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Bodyguards try to block the view of Canadian singer Justin Bieber as he goes through Wladyslaw Reymont Airport in Lodz following his concert March 25, 2013.AGENCJA GAZETA/Reuters

Poor kid: With all his millions, Justin Bieber still cannot afford a single t-shirt.

That's the impression he's giving, walking sans shirt through a Polish airport last night.

The photos of the ever-plunging pop star are circling across the Web this morning. With a permanent Blue Steel gaze, with -10 degree weather outside, shirtless Biebs saunters through security, surrounded by his body guards (who, I might add, are doing a terrible job of blocking paparazzi).

We get it, Justin, you're no longer a teen - you're of legal adult age (at least in your home and native land) and you're flaunting your new man body, with those wicked tats and beefed up pecs. You just can't be bothered with pedestrian clothing.

But the most offensive "wardrobe malfunction" here? His wildly inappropriate lower half. At the risk of sounding prehistoric, what is going on with his pants to underwear ratio? Why is anyone on Team Bieber allowing this, with or without shirt?

This is, sadly, just the latest of blips in Bieber's steady landslide in the past six months: He posed with a pistol, met the Prime Minister in overalls, made some ignorant comments about being Native, and had his "worst birthday ever." But add to that his apparent encounter with marijuana, his bizarre, grammar-deprived rant on Instagram... I'm exhausted. Have you had enough?

Biebs is quickly becoming the Rob Ford of pop stardom - where each humiliating incident may be insignificant, but when they add up, it all paints a very unflattering picture. This kid - who I admit, I had the highest hopes for - is becoming a national embarrassment.

There is, of course, a more sympathetic take. The boy is 19 years old. Who among us at that age didn't want to reject authority, flip the bird to people telling us who to be and what to say? "I'm 19," he Instragrammed, "and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning."

So was this all an inevitable child pop star fall? Can an innocent boy from Stratford, Ont., blown up over night by Internet fame, possibly be a life-long success?

What do you think: Is this a boy in distress headed for disaster, or par for the course? If we all stopped paying attention, feeding the fame that seems to be too much for one kid, would he stop?