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Madonna has finally responded to the now-infamous "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas" incident. But if you're waiting for an apology, the Material Girl doesn't have one.

In case you missed it, of the pop legend/director behaving very diva-like appeared on YouTube last week and has since gone viral. She was at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere screening of W.E. when, during a presser, a fan handed her hydrangeas. She rolled her eyes, dropped them on the ground and told the person next to her (in her signature affected accent) that she "absolutely loathed" the flowers.

Today, in response, she released a video. In the she apologizes to a bouquet of the horrid flowers – but then quickly explains how she is entitled to hate them (Madge prefers roses, you see).

Sure, what she did was rude but, come on, aren't you kind of impressed by her cojones and her sense of humour? Haven't you ever wanted to let a clueless gift giver know your true feelings?

We've all had to force a smile and a thank you when gifted with something we didn't like. (If you think you were always the portrait of politeness, I dare you to dig up videos from your childhood birthday parties during which you squealed with delight over toys and recklessly tossed grandma's homemade sweaters aside)

In 2005, George Clooney returned a candy-apple red scooter to the fan who'd sent it to him. His staff bluntly told the Daily Mirror, "He never accepts presents from strangers – especially not such bizarre ones."

Last year, the girlfriend of Arsenal soccer star Theo Walcott turned down the gift of a glitzy Ferrari from him – apparently calling it "vulgar," according to the Daily Mail.

The human need for a delicate way to reject undesired gifts is so great that online retailing behemoth Amazon even patented a "Bad Gift Defense System" last year that allows users to, say, convert all gifts from Aunt Mildred (known for her bad taste) into gift certificates, Tech Flash reports.

What's the worst gift you've ever received? Did you graciously accept it or let the poor fool know what you really thought?

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