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You try to be a good girlfriend. You're thoughtful, attentive and you try to keep the jealousy in check. New research suggests that you might pass on that next ice cream cone, too.

A new poll of 7,600 men by AskMen. com has found that half of men would dump their girlfriend if she gained weight, according to the Vancouver Sun.

There's no handy guide to whether these men have a threshold weight in mind. Is five pounds okay? Twenty obscene? And they certainly didn't ask the fellas if they're all sporting six-packs of their own and whether they'd be fine with getting the heave-ho for a beer belly.

Nevertheless, editor-in-chief James Bassil told the Sun that the percentage has remained relatively consistent over the years and that it "doesn't necessarily mean men are superficial.

"From our experience with readers, they're put off by it because they see it as indicative of her caring less or putting less effort into the relationship," says Mr. Bassil.

"That doesn't totally let guys off the hook for this, but it's definitely something to take into consideration."

No, I'd say that doesn't actually let them off the hook at all.

There are a few more encouraging stats that emerged from the poll. A large majority - 87 per cent - of Canadian men " would welcome a relationship with a higher-income earner." And 65 per cent would take male birth control were it available, reports the Sun. Most polled believe "a 'real man' is a terrific husband and father, as opposed to a great lover, leader or handyman."

But we're stuck on the perils of gaining weight for women.

Men, is this what you're really thinking? Women, are you at all surprised, or did you know your man was on high alert for love handles?