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Mini-skirt Mondays? Woman sues over 'dress code'

And people used to think Hawaiian shirt days were bad.

A woman in Utah is suing her former employer over his suggestive dress code schedule, according to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Each day of the week allegedly had a special theme, strictly for the woman - such as Mini-skirt Monday, Tube-top Tuesday, Wet-t-shirt Wednesday, No-bra Thursday and Bikini-top Friday.

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Perhaps worst of all, the lawsuit also alleges that the employer requested the woman sign a sheet giving up her right to sue him for sexual harassment which, if true, shows that the man had some idea that his actions were illegal at best.

Disgusting, degrading and disturbing at worst.

Blogs have picked up on it and condemned the employer. But beyond placing premature judgment, a writer at Jezebel does ask an important question:

"… considering how openly horrible this woman claims her employer was —and the fact that it's likely her boss had been this way for years— the question might be 'How long had he been able to get away with this?'," writes Lane Moore.

So what can be learned from this lawsuit? Firstly, next time the boss suggests some sort of corny, office morale-boosting dress day, we should be thankful if the request isn't perverted.

Secondly, overt episodes of sexual harassment still do take place in some work environments.

What's the dress code at your office - and has your boss ever suggested any (appropriate or otherwise) work dress-up days?

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