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Need to split up quickly? Check into Divorce Hotel

Oops. That quickie marriage in Vegas was a mistake.

Not to worry, though. Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens has come up with an idea for an equally speedy solution.

His creation is called Divorce Hotel, a place where the unhappily-wed can check in for a weekend as a couple and check out single.

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For a flat fee ranging from $3,500 to $10,000 (U.S.), the hotel provides mediators and lawyers to help couples with all the negotiations and paperwork necessary for divorce. All that's required is to present the papers to a judge to make it official. (It also provides separate rooms for couples.)

According to The New York Times, the Divorce Hotel concept is already operating in the Netherlands, where 16 out of the 17 couples who've tried it have successfully departed with divorce papers ready. Now, Mr. Halfens, 33, wants to expand the idea to the U.S.

In spite of its catchy name, Divorce Hotel isn't an actual hotel; it's more of a service package. Mr. Halfens has agreements with six high-end hotels in the Netherlands where couples can go to dissolve their marriages, the Times says.

Given that divorces in the U.S. tend to cost nearly double Divorce Hotel's flat fees, the idea can be seen as a steal.

The Times reports, however, that some American lawyers are skeptical that couples, particularly affluent ones, can hammer out an agreement over a couple of days. Besides child custody battles, there can be nasty arguments about hidden money and undervalued assets. Unless a couple remains friends, it's often difficult to get the parties to sit down face to face, let alone spend a weekend together.

For anyone who has gone through or is going through a divorce, would Divorce Hotel appeal to you?

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