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Noel Gallagher of Oasis poses for a portrait at the Soho Metropolitan HotelJENNIFER ROBERTS/The Globe and Mail

What's the story, Noel Gallagher? And why don't you tell us what you really think?

As reported by Gawker, the famously obstreperous British rocker is making waves with his recent Rolling Stone interview in which he unloads on everything and everyone from Kanye West to Canadian indie group Arcade Fire.

Best known for his years as frontman of the band Oasis (and frequent dust-ups with brother Liam), Gallagher, now 46, was "uncharacteristically upbeat" in his phone chat with Rolling Stone writer Simon Lozick-Levinson. You can read the full interview here.

But that doesn't mean he's lost his edge. Gallagher began the interview with his overview of 2013: "F–-ng had a s–t year. All I've done is sit around the house and become a f–-ng hypochondriac."

And then he went to expound on everyone and everything else that crossed his mind.

Starting with the positive, Gallagher had only good things to say about fellow Brit David Bowie's comeback album The Next Day.

"It's a f–-ng masterpiece. I love it. Nobody has the right to be that f–-ng good at this point in their career. Apart from Neil Young, all of the people that are in his league are basically f–-ng s–t."

And while Gallagher didn't seem to care much for the music of Kanye West, he seemed to be rather enamoured of the man himself.

"I don't really like that kind of modern hip-hop, whatever you call it, but somebody told me to watch this interview he did in England. So I watched it and I thought it was one of the best interviews I've ever seen. I f–in' loved it! Especially the bit about the leather jogging pants or whatever he's going on about, f–-ng claiming he invented them."

All other music names brought up by the writer prompted scorn from Gallagher.

His take on Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke: "I think he's going to be a one-hit wonder, surely. It'll be like that guy who's done Gangnam Style – we'll never hear from him again."

Gallagher's opinion of Miley Cyrus (whom he believes is named Miley Ray Cyrus): "She was on TV recently, Miley Ray Cyrus, and it was just like, 'What the f–– is all this about?' I don't know. It's a shame, because it puts all the other female artists back about five f–-ng years."

His view of Lady Gaga: "She's another one. In fact she's probably doing a s–t on top of a boiled egg right now. And somebody will f–-ng freeze it and call it art."

And Gallagher was certainly less than charitable in his assessment of the new double album Reflektor from Montreal-based indie darlings Arcade Fire.

"I haven't heard it. Anybody that comes back with a double album, to me, needs to pry themselves out of their own asshole. This not the Seventies, okay? Go and ask [Smashing Pumpkins] singer Billy Corgan about a double album. Who has the f–ng time, in 2013, to sit through 45 minutes of a single album?"

At which point the interviewer reminded the angry rocker that his hero David Bowie sang backup vocals on the Arcade Fire album. To which Gallagher responded:

"Oh, that's a shame."