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Nutmeg, dating and sleeping around: This week’s best comments

Welcome to Gold Stars, a feature of the Hot Button blog. Each week we highlight our favourite comments left by readers. One of them could be yours.


Is promiscuity bred in the bone? Scientists seem to think so.

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While many commentators were skeptical, arguing that such studies shouldn't be used to excuse individuals from personal responsibility, D_Peters seemed pretty keen about being given the green light to cheat and/or bed as many people as possible, offering this comment: "On your mark, get so, GO!!!"

(Yes, I'm sure D_Peters was joking).


For anyone who has been cheated on or who has otherwise had a hard time finding true love, whether it's online or in the "real" world, commenter Michael_P offered some very sound dating advice in response to a post about a new dating service where users choose matches based on ideas for dates rather than people's photos.

His advice? "Don't forget to have fun in the process and at the very least you will make some new friends, have some great new experiences and great stories to tell!" His entire post is worth reading if you're down in the dumps about dating.


Kids are getting high on nutmeg? For serious? Turns out it's true.

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With CNN asking if nutmeg is the new "it" drug, commenter JE Hale offered a little historical context: "Nutmeg was the drug of choice for jazz musicians in the 1930s. Charlie Parker used nutmeg before discovering heroin, not that the spice is a gateway drug or anything like that."

Birdman got high on nutmeg? That seems even harder to believe than kids today snorting the spice. But it turns out to be true. Thanks for the history lesson, JE Hale.

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