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Liam Gallagher of Oasis performs during the start of their Canadian tour in Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday August 27, 2008.DARRYL DYCK/The Canadian Press

What's the story, morning glory?

Most likely you've heard the story about a woman claiming to have had a "love child" with former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. Turns out the new mother is not some obsessive young groupie. She's a reporter for The New York Times, according to reports.

The music world, and plenty of lawyers, are buzzing over yesterday's report in the New York Post that claimed Gallagher was being sued in Manhattan family court by a woman who "specializes in interviewing celebrities."

According to the Post, that woman is New York Times contributor Liza Ghorbani, who wrote about Gallagher for the paper in 2010 and is reportedly seeking $3-million (U.S.) in damages. Ms. Ghorbani is also "considering undergoing DNA tests" to strengthen her case.

Not surprisingly, the lurid story is being bounced around like a beach ball in the New York tabloids. Citing sources close to Ghorbani, the New York Daily News reports that Gallagher and Ghorbani began their canoodling the night they met for an "A Night Out With…" column that Ghorbani wrote for The New York Times in 2010.

Gallagher, who has three children with three women and is currently married to Canadian pop singer Nicole Appleton, reportedly kept up the affair with Ghorbani until he heard she was with child.

"It went on until she told him she was pregnant," said the unnamed source in the Daily News. "He cut it off. He was so paranoid his wife would find out."

Ghorbani gave birth to a daughter in January, 2013, and has reportedly been taking refuge at her parents' house in Washington.

And the rock star's response to the love-child claims? Another lawsuit. According to a current update in The Guardian, Gallagher is now suing the Post over their story claiming he impregnated Ghorbani.

On Wednesday, Gallagher's British spokesperson confirmed he will be "pursuing legal action" against the tabloid. As for specifics, the spokesperson added: "We are not going to comment on gossip."

And clearly Gallagher is not afraid of a little legal action. In 2009, he sued the Guardian for an article claiming he "stormed out" of an Oasis gig.

Two years ago, Gallagher even filed a high-court complaint against his own brother, Noel, who claimed Liam had cancelled an Oasis concert because he "had a hangover." The case was eventually dropped after Noel conceded that his brother had laryngitis.

Whether or not Gallagher is the father of Ghorbani's daughter may come down to a DNA test, but is this newest scandal simply a case of rock-icon aspirations?

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has seven children with four women and four grandchildren. Gallagher has a long way to go.