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(Getty Images/Stock photo)
(Getty Images/Stock photo)

Pocket-dialling fiasco a false alarm Add to ...

Maybe you accidentally pocket-dialled your aunt while in the bathroom, or purse-called your parents in the middle of a first date. Well, there's a man in small-town Illinois who probably has you beat.

On a drive home from work, his phone - in his back pocket - "butt-dialled" his wife, the Chicago Tribune reports. The ambient sound of "gangster-like" music made the man's wife believe her husband had been taken hostage at his workplace: a school. She called 911 and 30 members of the SWAT team circled the school for three hours before the search was called off (the "standoff" began at 5 p.m. so the students, thankfully, were already at home).

You'd think the rise in popularity of smartphones and keypad locks would bring down the incidences of those dreaded pocket dials, but that's not always the case. Seriously, just Google "pocket dial" for page upon page of stories about people mistakenly ringing 911 while jogging or repeatedly (and unintentionally) calling the first person in their address book.

On many BlackBerry handsets, it's actually easier to dial 911 when the keypad is locked than when it isn't (hit any key to get to the menu, use one stroke to scroll down to the second "Emergency" option, and one to select "Emergency") - a design flaw users have griped about for years on forums.

What's your pocket dialling horror story? Has your butt ever called 911 from the top of the Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland?

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