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Ranting Starbucks barista frets about career prospects, but rants again

Christopher Cristwell just can't get enough of the YouTube.

Mere hours after getting the boot from Starbucks for his profanity-loaded YouTube rant about the chain on Tuesday, the 25-year-old former barista was at it again with a .

Wearing a sombre black turtleneck, his Icelandic blue eyes downcast, Mr. Cristwell lamented his firing.

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"Just so you know, I loved my job," he said, shouting out to a beloved manager named Hunter as he assured he was always just a "people pleaser" who got a kick out of making those coffee beverages look pretty.

It sounded like good damage control, a plea to future employers even. The young man had slowly started expressing regret about his initial online rant, telling the Merced Sun-Star, "I have bills to pay and I hope the video doesn't affect my ability to get hired. It's just a comedy song. I really am a good employee."

Still, what started off as a ballady mea culpa quickly descended into another angry fit for the canned employee, who clearly had a lot on his chest.

"People need to know what you endure," he sang to his fellow baristas.

"You break your backs to kiss the ass of the customers. Some treat you like the scum of the earth," Mr. Cristwell continued after rattling off more complaints about his carpal tunnel syndrome and those hated Frappuccinos.

"Sacrifice can implement change," he crooned breathily. Which would make him the sacrificial Starbucks lamb?

Toronto's Whole Foods ranter had similarly grandiose aspirations for corporate change in his epic letter, which began, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

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The granddaddy of employees-gone-rogue was Jet Blue's Steven Slater, of course, whose beer guzzling and escape down an airplane emergency slide seem refreshing when compared to this brand of retail whininess.

In the original Starbuck's rant, a dreamy Mr.Cristwell sang his song wearing nothing but a green apron and his underwear.

"This is Starbucks -- I don't want to see you yawn. Well you made me get my ass up at the butt crack of dawn," he seethed in an expletive-ridden missive directed at his customers, including some caffeine freak who would bang on the windows after Mr. Cristwell's location had closed.

The rant had the young employee, who is studying to become an emergency medical technician, fantasizing about drawing middle fingers on his customers' cups, and doing worse things to their lattes.

Although the video had originally been posted in July, it wasn't until a popular Starbucks blog picked it up earlier this month that managers took notice.

While anyone who's worked in the service industry knows it can be soul-destroying, is this new brand of public rant bratty and entitled, or a good wake-up call for corporations?

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