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Miley Cyrus

On the plus side, they're not as far-out as Britney Spears' shaved head.

But in the annals of "What were they thinking?' beauty moves, Miley Cyrus' newly-bleached brows rank high on the list.

It almost makes us nostalgic for her pliant, ever-present tongue.

On Thursday, the performer posted a photo to her Instagram account revealing that she had rendered her brows all but invisible. So far, the picture has been "liked" more than 365,400 times.

The caption under the photo reads "blonde hurrrr errrrrwurrrr," which, presumably, is her creative way of conveying "blonde hair everywhere" in slurred speech.

In quasi-related news, Cyrus turns 21 tomorrow, which means she is finally of legal drinking age in the U.S.

But back to the brows, they're not entirely radical. Even back in 2009, various fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Prada sent models down the runway making a chilling statement sans brows.

The concern here is that websites like Hollywood Life are already telling readers how to achieve a similar – yet temporary – alien look (hint: it involves painting your brows with concealer).

There is a difference between those who have naturally fair brows and others who deliberately try to appear bald. One writer at Jezebel believes this "browpocalypse" spells doom.

"I get it, really, I do – it's your body, you will conceptually bleach off your eyebrows if you want to; "my eyebrows, my choice," etc," writes Callie Beusman, before adding, "Let us not permit the cruel and capricious gods of trend to pluck the eyebrows from our trembling foreheads."

Indeed, these facial anchors are best left their natural colour. Dyeing her brows back to brown would be the surest sign that Cyrus remains within sound mind – even if her tongue remains flexed and flaunted.