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She's pregnant and she knows it: One woman boogies down in viral video

A heavily pregnant woman moonwalking and waddling through a parody of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" has hit the web, and their restless husbands.

Inching toward a million views on YouTube, " " shows rotund of Grand Rapids, MI, as she busts a move and bellyaches about her belly: "A circular round thing eclipsing my feet."

Other themes include her nausea, incontinence, ill-fitting clothes and pig-out sessions – ice cream, Junior Mints, Doritos, chocolate milk, hot dog buns, and a bag of white sugar look to be staples.

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A sampling of Ms. Profitt's preggers rhymes:

"When I'm out to shop, people be lookin' like I'm about to pop

I step to the beat, walking down the street in maternity

This is how I roll, belly band pants with a fold

Gained a few pounds yeah that's fo' sho'

This belly butter makes me glow yo."

While the droning LMFAO track has seen plenty of parodies gone viral, from " ," to " ," this one looks to be the favourite .

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No word on whether Ms. Profitt (who is married to Christian singer Tommee Profitt) has popped, although has been silent for three days.

The end of their video suggests perhaps Ms. Profitt wasn't entirely into YouTube fame: "You know why I don't want to finish this? Because I don't anyone to ever see it," she says before the frame goes dark.

Of course the Profitts are hardly the only expectant couple to have .

What do you make of soon-to-be parents itching for viral fame?

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