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As more information surfaces in the aftermath of the horrific 'Dark Knight' massacre, we're learning more about the stories, both heartbreaking  (the death of Jessica Ghawi and the three men who died saving their girlfriends) – and hopeful (the girl whose birth defect saved her life).

But one story polarized social media and online commenters: A campaign started on Facebook to get Batman himself, Christian Bale, to visit the kids recovering in hospital.

Both Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway, stars of The Dark Knight Rising, have made statements about the horrible shooting, with Mr. Bale saying:"I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them."

The movement – started by a Facebook user named Emily Sanchez – asks Christian Bale to visit the hospital, dressed in his Batman outfit. "They need to know heroes can be real too," she wrote. "Not just the bad guys."

The Twitter hashtag #BaleOutAurora is being used by all who support the campaign (and there are plenty)  and a Facebook page has been set up.

There are as many supporters of the idea – calling it 'healing' and asking 'the real Batman to please stand up' on Twitter – as there are opponents.

Many of the latter say even if Mr. Bale did agree to do this, it wouldn't be healthy or promote healing for the kids in the hospital.

"These children just saw a horrific event," wrote one commenter,  "as sad as this is, some of these kids may now associate this horror with Batman. Just a thought."

What do you think? Would a hospital visit from their 'real life hero' lift the spirits of the kids?  Or is this campaign well-intentioned but maybe not so appropriate?