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Justin Trudeau and his mother, Margaret Trudeau, celebrate his win.Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

Just in time for Mother's Day, Margaret Trudeau gives us reason to love a good strong mom.

Mrs. Trudeau has come out swinging against the Prime Minister and his attacks on her son, telling a North Bay audience "someone is bullying my Justin and that makes me mad."

According to the North Bay Nipissing News, Mrs. Trudeau said she's been trying to keep, er, mum about matters of politics for fear of saying the wrong thing – but this time, she couldn't resist.

"If Stephen Harper took off his shirt in public, I'm not sure he'd raise any money for charity," she chirped.

The controversial attack ads from the Conservatives that showed Justin Trudeau taking his shirt off for a charity event, crossed a line for Margaret.

Of course, the Liberal leader himself hasn't publicly reacted to Mr. Harper in such a fashion, only releasing a TV campaign in which he took the high road, stating only that "Canadians deserve better."

Can't you just picture Justin cringing at his mom's remarks? ("C'mon ma! You're embarrassing me!") Imagine if your mom came to fight your professional battles and take on your critics – would you be proud or ashamed? (I can just see my sweet, well-intentioned mom in the newsroom, defending my stories – or taking on the legions of Globe's online commenters.)

When wives cry foul, it's very unbecoming – remember when Giselle ripped into Tom Brady's Super Bowl teammates? Or when Anna Burns Welker trashed her husband's opponents? – but I imagine more embarrassing when it's your mother, and you're the leader of the Liberal party of Canada.

Given that Harper's focus is to patronize Trudeau as a little boy (a camp counsellor thinking he can lead the country! Awww...) Margaret's defense could just add fuel to the Conservative fire. We can already see the TV commercials now: Justin Trudeau needs his mommy... and he thinks he can lead the country?

What do you think – does mommy know best? Is it endearing or humiliating that Mrs. Trudeau is defending her son – on a fight he didn't want to start? More importantly, do Mrs. Trudueau's comments affect your opinion of Justin?