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Study reveals what women can't live without (hint: it's not sex)

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Think throwing on some Barry White, lighting a couple of candles and sprinkling some rose petals will set the mood for love?

Maybe just turn off your WiFi.

A new study by Women at NBCU, a media consortium aimed at targeting a female audience, says the three most important things in most women's lives are sleep, the Internet and showers, according to the Daily Mail. (Really, showers? Are women that worried about body odour?)

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But the results seem to be missing one major component of life: sex. Shouldn't sex be on this list?

Most men would say so, according to the same study. Sex was the third thing most men said they couldn't live without.

But it's not just that women would rather surf the Internet than have sex; the results also show women are more passionate about being plugged in than men.

"They check their profiles four or more times each day and spend 3.3 hours online daily for non-work related activities," said the authors of the study.

Plus, more women than men own smartphones and Nintendo's Wii gaming console. (Not surprisingly, results on Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PS3 were not included, probably because more men than women use them and these results would upset NBCU's research.)

Perhaps the most surprising result was that women are apparently bigger mobile gaming nerds than men. Seventy-five per cent of women admit to owning a gaming app on their mobile devices, compared to only 67 per cent of men.

But what do these results mean? Is the Internet actually more entertaining for women than sex? Should men feel threaten by their lady's mobile phone?

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Or is this a clever way for NBC Universal to convince advertisers to sell to women on their web sites and mobile apps?

Do the results mesh with your life priorities? What would rank on your top-three list of life essentials?

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