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Morning Radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Totally HMU: And the Most Popular Facebook Status Update of 2010 is ... "HMU?"

Facebook has compiled its top status trends of the year and the winner is "HMU."

Say what?

That's an acronym for "hit me up," a new digital shorthand meaning call me/text me/let's hang out, for the many of you in the know.

HMU got some 80,000 mentions per day by the end of summer. That number dropped substantially in September, when young 'uns were forced to hit the books.

Other top trends? "Natural disasters and human triumphs," as Facebook put it.

There was Haiti, Mineros/Miners (the trapped Chilean miners) and World Cup.

And let's not forget Justin Bieber, who ranked in at number six. (No word on whether that's a natural disaster or human triumph.)

Copy and paste? This holiday season, save yourself hours of tutoring your parents on the intricacies of their Microsoft Word program.

Google has just introduced Teach Parents Tech, a "care package" for technically inept moms and dads.

The series of 50 instructional videos includes:

  • adjust the time on your clock
  • change your screensaver
  • ​make text bigger


It's a cat's life: Purina has released the first movie ever filmed by cats, and it ain't no Fellini.

The nearly four-minute film stars cats with cameras dangling off their necks. The shaky footage includes staring out the window, meowing for food, beating up fellow housecats and jumping on tables and other forbidden surfaces.

The critics haven't been kind.

"Gah! Even worse than the Blair Witch Project... need some anti-nausea medication now," commenter "newyorkmuse" writes over at Jezebel.

Another, "palegirl," points out, "I'm pretty sure that a movie filmed by cats would involve more cold-hearted judgment."