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Reality TV host Simon Cowell is expecting a child with married New York socialite, Lauren Silverman.Chris Pizzello/The Associated Press

This summer in the tabloids, the royal baby was a feast, and Simon Cowell's love-child saga is a dollop of dessert.

Where Prince William and Catherine served wholesome, mother-approved dishes, the Lauren Silverman-Andrew Silverman-Simon Cowell triangle is chocolate to the core.

Kate stepped out of the hospital in polka-dot blue. Silverman's baby bump went on display in a tight black dress. The world waited expectantly for the announcement of a pregnancy from the royals, Silverman's conception was met with shock and dismay (most notably from the baby's father). And while public relations were tightly controlled before Prince George's birth, the Cowell-Silverman story has yielded endlessly varying reports.

In fact, if we are to take Simon Cowell's unofficial biographer's word, the X-Factor judge is thrilled by the pregnancy, and ready to renounce his playboy bachelorhood and settle down with his "soulmate."

Andrew Silverman, a former good friend of Cowell's, is livid, filing for divorce and angrily claiming that Cowell was sleeping with his wife before their separation (TMZ has also posited that, regardless of when Ms. Silverman and Cowell began their relationship, it was in direct violation of Section 150 of the Bro Code , "no sex with your bro's ex," and condemnable).

Whatever the charge against him, it seems Cowell will continue to play his famously smug public character for the cameras. When questioned by British media about the new baby, Mr. Cowell replied "I haven't read the newspapers. Am I missing something?"