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Pip, pip hurray!

Women desperately seeking the secret behind Pippa Middleton's fabulous fanny need wait no more.

Like every self-respecting party girl, Pippa goes to Pilates class, the Daily Mail reports. The 27-year-old brunette takes classes at a small studio near her London apartment. Pilates is a "weekly necessity," she wrote on the establishment's website.

Pippa's headline-grabbing derriere has inspired ass-appreciation clubs – a Facebook page devoted to her bum has 221,400 "likes" – and tasteless T-shirts ever since she appeared in a hip-hugging gown by Alexander McQueen as maid of honour at her sister Kate's wedding.

Fans have since gone from flattery to imitation. In Britain, the craze over Pippa's pert behind has led to a 60-per-cent up-tick in clients seeking bum lifts, according to the Daily Star.

One cosmetic clinic has reportedly named a surgery the Pip Package Perfect Posterior, which costs up to £8,000 (about $12,600).

But there are cheaper ways to tone a flabby behind.

Personal trainers interviewed by recommend doing squats, walking lunges and jump-squats to achieve Pippa's firm rear.

Lazy ladies can try out a pair of Brazilian "butt lift" jeans. Then there's Booty Pop – padded underwear that's the backside equivalent of a push-up bra.

Still, the best butt is in the eye of the beholder. Critics insist that Pippa's bum lacks panache, including Richard of Surrey, who wrote the top-rated comment in the Daily Mail story:

"It's got to be the most famous invisible bum ever."

What do you think of her rear view? Is the frenzy over Pippa's rump much ado about nothing?