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Yuri Arcurs

Ottawa will never be confused for Canada's wildest city, but the nation's capital can now make a claim to infamy: It's got more people who cheat on their significant others than any other metropolis in the country - at least, according to a controversial website.

Ashley Madison, a Canadian site for people who want to cheat on their husbands, wives or other people they're supposed to be committed to, has released a top 10 list of cheater-friendly cities in Canada as determined by membership per capita.

Ottawa topped the list, with some 37,000 active users.

Ashley Madison's CEO, Noel Biderman, speculated that the nature of government work coupled with dull relationships could account for the city's place atop the list.

"Ottawa is a city filled with people holding government jobs that are considered mundane and filled with red tape and bureaucracy," he said in a statement. "Adding this to their boring marriage or routine sex life may push them over the edge to seek excitement outside their relationship."

Washington topped a similar list of U.S. cities that use Mr. Biderman's services, so Ottawa is not the only city packed with bureaucrats and infidelity.

The entire list of Canadian cities is as follows:

1. Ottawa

2. Saskatoon

3. Calgary

4. Edmonton

5. London

6. Brampton

7. Winnipeg

8. Hamilton

9. Toronto

10. Vancouver

If you're wondering why Western cities figure so prominently, with three of the top five spots, Mr. Biderman explained that as well – and in doing so seized the opportunity to take a swipe at conservatives.

"While it was a surprise that Saskatoon beat out the typically high-ranking cities of Calgary and Edmonton, we have always done exceedingly well in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and I expect it to continue. We find our strong membership in the West in keeping with the trend of people with conservative values participating in what is considered 'deviant' societal behaviour," he said.

Cheating seems to trump political values, whatever they might be. Just consider Ashley Madison's numbers: 13 million members in 17 countries. In Canada there 1.2 million members.

Does it surprise you that Ottawa is No. 1 on the list?