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Three people were killed at 9337 Columbia Boulevard in Silver Spring, Md., the Daily Mail reports. It is now for sale on the website

The tony, two-storey, colonial home on Columbia Blvd. in Silver Spring, Md., should be a homebuyer's dream. It has a large garden, beautiful wood floors, a finished basement, a cozy fireplace and is on the market for $515,000 - a full $20,000 lower than the original asking price.

A good deal, perhaps - as long as you are okay with living in a home where three murders took place over the past decade.

According to the Daily Mail, middle-school principal Brian Betts, the last owner of 9337 Columbia Blvd., was shot and killed in his bedroom last April by an 18-year-old young man whom he met on a chat line.

Prior to his death, Mr. Betts had reportedly been desperate to sell the home after discovering that a young girl and her father were murdered there a year before he bought it. (State law doesn't require real-estate agents to reveal whether a property has been the scene of a murder.)

Erika Smith, 9, and her accountant father Greg Russell were both shot to death inside the home by an intruder in August 2002.

Apparently unsettled by its bloody past, Mr. Betts even asked two ministers to bless the house to get rid of any evil spirits, the Daily Mail says. After his murder, the family of Mr. Betts reportedly tried, but failed, to have the home bulldozed. It is now listed on the real-estate website

Would a murder, or three, deter you from buying the house of your dreams?