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Morning radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Nine years later: Royal officials have announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry next spring or summer in London -- that's nine years after they met, nine years filled with intense scrutiny and speculation from the British people and tabloid press.

The couple got engaged last month while vacationing in Kenya, this after Prince William told an interviewer he wouldn't marry "until I'm at least 28 or maybe 30." (He turned 28 in June.)

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The two were rumoured to have broken up in 2007 - setting back the retail chain Woolworths which had pre-emptively commissioned mugs, plates and other gaudy Wills-and-Kate memorabilia.

Now the people of England can finally bust them out.

The venue? Not here: As of January 1st, McDonald's will host weddings in three of its branches in Hong Kong.

"Many Hong Kong couples met or had their first dates at McDonald's. That makes it particularly meaningful and memorable to hold a wedding party there," said a spokesperson.

What's on the menu? McDonald's apple pie wedding cake.

What isn't? Alcohol, unless the couple can score a permit.

Worst. Wedding. Ever.

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Stop the presses: Eureka! All men watch porn, according to the University of Montreal, which sought men in their 20s who had never viewed smut -- and couldn't find any.

Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse interviewed 20 male university students and discovered that they first watched porn at age 10.

Impressively, single men watched porn for about 40 minutes three times a week.

Those in relationships had a little less time: 1.7 times a week for around 20 minutes.

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