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Women pose with deliberately ugly faces as part of the ugly-selfie trend.
Women pose with deliberately ugly faces as part of the ugly-selfie trend.

When it comes to this Internet photo trend, the uglier the better Add to ...

Teenage girls will take photos of themselves doing anything. Behold the ugly-selfie.

"PrettyGirlsUglyFaces" is a Reddit page that encourages women to send in side-by-side self-portraits of their faces: one normal, the other as badly contorted as possible.

"We want women and men to show us their most recklessly hideous faces," read the rules on the page, which now counts 11,312 subscribers.

Do: "Give constructive feedback on how users can make their faces uglier." Don't: "Be hurtful or derogatory. We don't take kindly to bullies."

The rules continue: "So please, just lose yourself and go wild! ... The uglier you get, the sweeter the karma you rake in and the happier we all are to be living in such a world."

Reams of submissions with sarcastic captions like "How I Attract my Many Suitors" and "My 'O' Face" showcase young women pouting seductively, eyeliner firmly in place – before sprouting double chins and googly eyes for their ugly incarnations.

The site is also encouraging gifs to show the transformations in motion.

Beyond revealing just how much spare time 11,000-plus women have on their hands, what on earth does it all mean?

Some pundits have been quick to label the silly photos a great feminist release from the shackles of conventional beauty and the male gaze. As SourceFed's Elliot Morgan explained, "Girls are typically pressured to look attractive all the time and letting that go and realizing that it’s kind of cool to see someone that’s not afraid to contort their face into something horrifying is actually a good thing for society."

Maybe that's giving it too much credit, but the photos are a reprieve from the typical selfies that both men and women parade on Facebook and Instagram, posed and always shot from the most flattering angle.

More to the point, the Reddit page is evidence of something women have long been well aware of: that they can be just as goofball as men. As one ugly-selfie fan put it, “Anyone else want to be friends with all of these girls now?”

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