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Morning Radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Update: It looks like everyone wants a piece of Ashley Madison. The dating site giant is sicing lawyers on, a website for cheating wives that's been claiming an affiliation with Ashley Madison.

"We have our lawyers looking at it. I've never even heard of them. I have no idea who the hell they are," Ashley Madison co-founder Noel Biderman said today. He added: "They're trying to co-opt our traffic. It's actually adversarial." has since retracted the release on their website: "The recent press release to the contrary was not accurate. We have voluntarily removed this website to prevent any further confusion."

Mr. Biderman pointed out that Ashley Madison is open to women: Canadian membership is 32 per cent female, while the newly launched German site boasts a female membership of approximately 42 per cent

Mr. Biderman said his company's affiliates currently include and Dating, and also some more random partners: "One site that sends us a ton of women runs a bingo service, and somehow women playing bingo in an automated fashion are also interested in having affairs and meeting men online. So they come in from all sorts of places."

Money back guarantee? An unemployed law student facing more prospective unemployment did what most of us only gripe about: the Massachusetts man demanded a refund from the school dean.

To boot, the whiny would-be lawyer is also an expectant father:

"With fatherhood impending, I go to bed every night terrified of the thought of trying to provide for my child AND paying off my J.D, and resentful at the thought that I was convinced to go to law school by empty promises of a fulfilling and remunerative career."

Good luck with that.

Vending machine bananas: what's not to like kids? The Village Voice does a round up of the world's zaniest vended food.

Hot pizza slides out of some machines in Italy, while the Dutch prefer something called "fried croquettes."

Let's hope Canadian school boards don't get inspired here.

Editor's Note: has not partnered with Based on inaccurate press releases, contrary information was reported in an earlier version of this article.