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You have: 2 new text messages. Also, you're paying for dinner Add to ...

If you’ve ever been irritated at dinner because someone in your group is yapping away on his cell phone, or felt insulted because a person across the table from you keeps checking her texts while you’re trying to engage them in conversation, a new game is probably just what you need.

It’s called “Don’t Be A Di*k During Meals With Friends.”

The rules are as follows: The game starts after everyone has ordered. Everybody places their phone in the table face down. The first person to flip over their phone loses the game. Loser of the game pays for the bill.

Brilliant, isn’t it? The game, which is now being referred to as “the Phone Stack” since it was first posted on Tumblr, a social media website, last week, has clearly struck a chord.

On Twitter, people praised it as everything from an “Amazing idea to bring real-world interaction back in to our lives” to “the most awesome idea I’ve heard in a while.”

The woman who appears to have created the game, a self-described 20-year-old named Stephie who recently moved to Ventura, California, pointed out on her site that stacking phones at the table isn’t necessary, but it’s more dramatic that way. Besides, it makes it much harder to sneak a peak at your phone when it’s buried under three others.

One website dedicated to the “world of men’s style” called the game “a brilliant piece of social engineering, masquerading as a bar game.”

The creator of the game said the her intention was to encourage people to get off their phones, although she also recommended not being so hard on people about the rules. “[The]basic premise is to just get people open to the idea of staying active and attentive to one another,” she wrote.

After all, it’s a game. Trying to impose cell phone etiquette at dinner shouldn’t make you a downer, Stephie wrote.

“It’s really more of a fun concept in this new age high tech life of ours. Conversation is the spice of life.”

How attached are you to your smartphone? How would you fare in a game of ‘Phone Stack’?

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