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You have to see this: Men try to simulate childbirth pain Add to ...

Men will never really know just how painful childbirth is, but that hasn’t stopped two Michigan men from doing their best to try.

A video of the men being electrocuted as a way to simulate contractions has gone viral with more than 870,000 views on Vimeo.

The men, members of the Kensington Church, set up the stunt with a bit of jokey banter at the start of the video.

Man No. 1: “Did you know that according to women childbirth is the worst kind of pain there is?”

Man No. 2: “And did you know according to women that us men can’t handle any of it?”

Man No. 1: “Well did you know that according to men women exaggerate everything?”

And that’s why they made an appointment to be electrocuted by a doctor.

The electrodes placed on their abdomen’s will simulate contractions “to show what your wife went through during labour,” the doctor explains.

Why is the video of the men in agony so popular? (The men’s wives clearly love it. They’re shown in the video laughing and giving each other high-fives).

The Telegraph’s Katy Rink points out that the video’s spread across social media seems to be driven by women, but Rink isn’t joining the gleeful chorus.

“I’m sorry to disappoint the sisterhood, but I’m not feeling it ladies,” Rink writes. “I just don’t get the same kick out of watching men vomit at the sight of amniotic fluid, or battle acute low abdominal pain. It’s not just that I don’t believe that the simulation can truly replicate the biological conditions of childbirth. It’s more that I don’t find the same pleasure or schadenfreude, if you like, in making them go through it.”

Rink chalks up the video’s popularity to simple revenge – “that we are doing to them what they have done to us.”

The sight of the wives’ high-fives would seem to support that argument.

For their part, the men are clearly humbled by the experience.

“Mom, if anything that I just experienced is anywhere close to what I did to you all those years ago, I’m sorry. You’re like a superhero,” one of them says.

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