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batchawanna bay

Breakfast in Batchawanna Bay: Bannock, smoked lake trout and beef jerky.

Breakfast for the long, eight hour drove between the Sault and Thunder Bay.

I stopped at The Vouageur, which is known locally by Sault food nuts for its smoked fish. It also sells bannock, the historic pan bread of the voyageurs, so I ordered some of that and some beef jerky (made up the road at White River) to, you know, go with it. The original road food, dude.

The smoked lake trout was fantastic.

I finished it in the parking lot, and now smell like an otter.

Ian Brown eats Canada

The beef jerky was beefy, but salty: I'm still hoping to find some moose jerky as good as the moose jerky a fishing guide named Mike Furfarro once gave me in Field, B.C. But neither the fish nor the beef were what anyone would call moist.

As for the bannock, let me say how far bakers have come.

Progress is not an illusion.

We really no longer need to eat bannock. This bannock at least had historical value, in that it tasted like it was actually baked 300 years ago.

It was as dry as a cow's crack, as they say in Alberta. In any event I 'm sure I will be able to have a bowel movement again sometime soon.

Until then, I remain. Period.