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Body Blitz in Toronto.

Tucked away on a nondescript stretch of King Street East, Toronto's second Body Blitz water spa makes itself known more by smell than sight. A soothing blend of eucalyptus, lime and ginger wafts across the street. Inside, the intensity heightens, as the air is heavy with moisture. It's warm, it's comforting, it's a recipe for relaxation. But sorry, gentlemen, this is for ladies only.

Start treatment

You will never be as clean as you are after experiencing the Deluxe Sweet Ginger Body Glow. As you lie there, an attendant scrubs you down – twice – then massages orange-infused grape-seed oil into your skin. This is followed by a facial with gentle exfoliation, clay mask and argan oil and then – perhaps the most decadent part – a hair shampoo and conditioning (it's not quite Out of Africa, but it's close).

The bonus

Body Blitz is best known for its water circuit, designed to detox the body and relax the mind. It consists of a large, warm Dead Sea-salt pool, a hot Epsom-salts pool, a cold plunge pool (hug your chest to lessen the tingle), an aromatherapy steam room and an infrared sauna (which, thank goodness, seems hotter than at the first location). After you've done a round, unwind further by sipping a smoothie on a lounge chair. NB: Since this is a man-free zone, bathing suits are optional.

Insider tip

When you go in for a body treatment, you will be asked to put on a disposable thong and lie on a table in a room that is more clinical than spa-like. The reason you are wearing just this small strip of material is because the scrub/mud will cover pretty much your entire body: Yes, be prepared for a stranger's hands on your breasts. If you're at all prudish, this will likely result in a treatment that is 90-per-cent bliss and 10-per-cent awkwardness. (Of course, it's always possible to ask the attendant to skirt the area.) Just try to go with it.

497 King St. E., Toronto; 416-364-0400;; $205 for a 90-minute body glow.