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Booking your winter getaway? Don't leave home without these

Stay healthy and organized – and enjoy tunes – wherever you go

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No matter where you are, Sabi’s Grande Carafe makes it easy to take your daily dose of vitamins. Designed as an on-the-go medicine chest, the snap-off lid keeps pills organized in three compartments, while the BPA-free water bottle can be washed and refilled when needed. $14.99 (U.S.);

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Superslim and pocket-sized, the Bellroy Travel Wallet has designated compartments to accommodate credit cards, multiple currencies, a passport, boarding passes and train tickets. A built-in mini pen should come in handy when filling out landing cards at the airport. $119.95 (U.S.);

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Take your favourite music anywhere with Zumreed’s Drop speaker. The colourful tear-drop-shaped protective-case-cum-audio-device is water-resistant and keeps dirt, dust and sand out of your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player. Simply lock your gadget inside, hang it from a hook and hit play. $48.95 (U.S.);$48.95 (U.S.);

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