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The BioLite Camp Stove can boil one litre of water in less than five minutes – and charge your smartphone or camera. $135; all items available at


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Go ahead: Laugh at this GSI Destination Kitchen set, complete mini grater, spice shakers and collapsible whisk. I’m too busy enjoying my Thai chicken stir-fry to care.


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This handy duo from Light My Fire features cutting board and a stainless-steel knife that comes with a built-in fire starter. $33


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I’ve heard tales of people portaging with bottles of wine. Save your strength. Pour your vintages into the Platypreserve and enjoy as desired. Your zinfadel will stay fresh for days. $8

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A portage doesn’t mean you have to settle for instant coffee. Pack some coarse grounds and the GSI Java Press will ensure you’re the envy of the campground.


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