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Of all of Canadian Tara Weir’s many travels, Mongolia is her favourite country to visit.

In this summer series, we ask female travel bloggers and Instagrammers to share their favourite destinations and advice

Tara Weir

Canadian Tara Weir, 31, is cycling the world. Solo. So far, she has pedalled through Mongolia, China, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Indian Himalaya, Myanmar, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia and Tajikistan. We asked her: "How do you combat loneliness on the ultimate solo trip?"

Embrace it

"Travelling alone can be an exhilarating experience. For me, it turns into a sort of meditative experience and I feel a powerful connection to the space I am travelling through. I experienced this the most strongly in Mongolia, my favourite country in the world.

"I am often lonelier in big cities, with a horde of human life swarming around me. In these places, I can feel disconnected from the masses.

"Loneliness is a daunting thing. But sometimes, in absolute silence you start a bit of an inner monologue with yourself. It gives you a chance to stop and really embrace the present moment of how you and only you are experiencing it without distraction."

Connect with locals

"There were many times travelling alone was never really lonely. A person travelling on a bicycle is still an oddity in many parts of the world – a solo woman in particular. I received many acts of kindness. When you open yourself up to these experiences, travelling solo is seldom lonely."


"Keeping a diary gave me a chance to reflect on each day and what I experienced. I found comfort in times of loneliness when I could spill my heart out onto a page."

Use social media

"Social media can be an amazing thing. Connect with other women on similar journeys. Join Facebook groups to speak with people who understand what you are going through."

Meet up with other travellers

"There are more people cycling around the world than I realized, though I would go a month at a time without seeing another cyclist. The beauty of travelling solo is that you can part ways when you happen to have different plans.

"My message to women travelling solo is this: Do not be afraid. I don't want women to think it is unsafe for them to travel on their own, but it is important to be cautious."

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