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Four camping tips you won't want to live without

Following are select suggestions for successful camping from Ontario Parks' online Learn to Camp tool, which, surprisingly and somewhat endearingly, offers as many style pointers as safety tips. Visit for the full range

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To make your morning cup of joe, "bring a stovetop percolator or a coffee press. Use coarse-ground coffee." For the omelette to go with it, "buy eggs in plastic cartons. Paper egg cartons get soggy in coolers."


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Before buying a sleeping bag, "feel the inside of the bag: you may prefer a flannel lining over the more common polyester."


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After you've set up your tent, "leave shoes outside the tent. A beach-mat at the entrance can help keep dirt from tracking in. Use a small broom whisk to clean tent if dirt gets in."


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"Keep your tent odour-free. Never store food/snacks, fragrant personal items or hygiene products (e.g., perfumes, shampoo, toothpaste) in your tent." Doing so may attract, in ascending order of annoyance, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons and bears.


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