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Go rodelling in Le Massif de Charlevoix, Que.

What's the deal?

Ride a sled like they do in Europe.

Where's it at?

Sledding isn't just for kids. In parts of Austria and Switzerland, it's a serious and popular endeavour. Save the trip across the pond and head to Le Massif, in Charlevoix, Que., North America's first ski resort to introduce rodelling (German for sledding in name and style). You'll begin by shuttling up to the starting point – or, if you're uberfit, you can go up by snowshoe. Then you need to make a choice. You can descend on a traditional, sit-on-top rodel, or ride hammerhead – skeleton-style.

After a short lesson, your group will set off on a groomed 7.5-kilometre rodelling track. Steering is done by shifting your weight and dragging your feet, and you can expect to glide at up to 40 km/h in steeper sections. Cruising down the remote east side of the mountain, you'll feel like you're a world away from the ski resort. Here moose and wolves are sometimes spotted in the forest, and the panoramic views over the St. Lawrence River are as breathtaking as the high-speed ride. Your group will stop for hot drinks in a cabin, then continue down. Bonus style points for wearing lederhosen.

Who's it for?

Those who are hard-core about sleigh rides. Rodelling at Le Massif runs until April 9. Cost is $29.95 including equipment.

Special to The Globe and Mail