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World's craziest wooden roller coaster: a 720-degree double barrel roll and an 81-degree drop

Outlaw Run has got a 720-degree double barrel roll, an 81-degree drop and more bone-jarring treats. The new coaster opens this spring in Branson, Missouri

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Here’s the first vertical drop. Ready? It’s 81 degrees and sixteen stories down.

Silver Dollar City

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Outlaw Run joins 30 other rides and attractions at Silver Dollar City, a pioneer-themed amusement park, in Branson, MI.

Silver Dollar City

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Imagine hurtling through here: A 720-degree double barrel roll (and it’s the first wooden coaster to try this trick).

Silver Dollar City

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Outlaw Run is reported to be the first wooden coaster to twist riders upside down three times. Once on board you can’t get off for 1 minute, 27 seconds as you hurtle through nearly a kilometre (2,937 feet) of track.

Silver Dollar City

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The $10-million (U.S.) coaster built in nine spots for “airtime” that stomach-churning moment of weightlessness.

Silver Dollar City

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At top speed, Outlaw Run is expected to reach 109 kilometres an hour.

Silver Dollar City

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