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You don’t have to do everything together

This should always be rule No. 1. Yes, you likely are on this adventure because you enjoy each other’s company. But that doesn’t mean you share a mutual interest in 18th-century oil paintings of fat cats. Decide how much time you want to spend together each day, then give each other breathing room as necessary.

Take turns playing photographer

Most of us want at least a nice few vacation snaps of ourselves, even if we’re not posting them online. (It’s okay to admit this; it doesn’t mean you’re shallow.) But if you expect Sameer to take 17 photos at four different angles until you look just right, you better be prepared to return the favour. Be the best Instagram boyfriend you can be.

Set limits on phone usage

Is it okay for Lily to check in with friends back home on a group chat during meals? Can Bruce see which locals are swiping right on his dating profile while taking in the sights? Or will you and your other friends just see this as downright rude? Agree to terms in advance to avoid dirty looks over the restaurant table.

Keep money straight

A spreadsheet seems cold and unfriendly but it’s the easiest way to keep track of who owes what to whom. Fill it in as soon as money starts flowing out (for advance hotel bookings, for example). Once on the road, try to pay separately at restaurants and for attractions – or save receipts and record promptly.

Mind your bathroom manners

If you’re sharing a room, you need to be extra courteous when it comes to certain areas. If you’re going to spend a long time in the washroom – be it for a shower, or to do your hair or for any other matter – give the other person a chance to do what they need to do before you set about your business.

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