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Ekaterina Pokrovsky/iStockPhoto / Getty Images

Stain-remover pen

Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who can wear a crisp white shirt or dress without fear of dropping food/spilling wine/getting mystery dirt on it. For the rest of us, some sort of handy stain remover is wise to carry in situations where you have to look your professional best and won’t have time to change.

Power bank

Working remotely typically means you’re on your cellphone more than normal – and the battery might die earlier than you’re expecting. This is especially true in areas with weak cell signals: The phone works harder to stay connected and the power drains even faster. An external battery will come in handy more than you think.

Extension cord

You don’t need to pack that bright orange one you use for your Christmas lights. But do bring along that extra-long cord that came with your laptop. Outlets can be frustratingly hard to find and you only need to awkwardly squat on a conference-room floor while wearing a pencil skirt because the one plug is just too far from a chair to wish you had packed better.

Sleep spray

The combination of jet lag and early-morning meetings is never fun. You may be tempted to pop a sedative, but this is not the time to risk oversleeping or grogginess. Try spritzing your pillow with a lavender-scented spray. It should help you nod off, especially if combined with a sleep mask/ear plugs/nighttime meditation.

Mini first-aid kit

Tension headache, anyone? Be prepared for any eventuality by filling a small container with the following: adhesive bandages (regular and blister), pain reliever and digestive aids. Ladies, it’s also wise to throw in a tampon and PMS relief just in case things don’t run according to schedule.

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